The tools you need to succeed as a freelancer

Everyone Needs More Tools

As a freelancer I've learned that a good tool can make or break a project. So here is a list of some of the tools I use that help me save time, and that make me more profitable. Lots of these tools are free, but some are paid. But these tools will help you be a better freelancer--paid or not. And I never recommend something that I don't personally use. Finally, some of these links are affiliate links, which means you still pay the exact same amount, but I get a small slice for introducing you to the company and the company gets a new customer (everybody wins). So, with that said let's help you become a better freelancer.



bluehost logo

I use bluehost for nearly all my hosting. They have a great track record, and excellent customer service. Plus they have great pricing, and if you sign up you get a free domain for a year. A lot of my friends use bluehost, and it's been recommended by big names in marketing like Pat Flynn, Michael Hyatt, and Jeff Goins. So if you are just starting out, and you need a good host, then join me on bluehost. You'll be delighted with how good it is.


drip logo square

I use drip to automate email funnels for my clients. It's really powerful software and worth every penny. If you were just starting out, I recommend you start with bluehost first, and then when you get some experience, feel free to use drip to create an email course for yourself or your clients. They work wonders.

Time Tracking/Invoicing


harvest logo

I use harvest for my time tracking and it's one of the best tools out there. I'm in there every day, and they also have some great reporting. Also, you can use them to invoice your clients directly, so if you don't use freshbooks or quickbooks then you can just use harvest. I've used them for two years now, and I'm totally happy with their service.


quickbooks logo

I use quickbooks for my invoicing. So far I'm happy with what they've done. I really would like to try Freshbooks, but I'm too busy these days to switch. Still Quickbooks is what I use for my invoicing, and they's worked well for me.


Marinara Timer

marinaria timer

I use a (free) online timer to help me stay on task. I also work in short stints called Pomodoros (google it), and it helps me to get a lot of work done.



jekyll logo

Jekyll is a static site builder. It doesn't have a database so it's super secure and really fast. I'm pretty much a pro at setting up fast websites, and this tool makes it happen. Seriously, who needs wordpress when you have Jekyll?

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